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Sahar Sadeghi, Ph.D. Posts



Professor Sadeghi earned her Ph.D. in 2014 from the Department of Sociology at Temple University.  Her research is organized around several interrelated projects and themes – migration and geopolitics, as well as racialized and politicized belonging – which are examined through a cross-national, qualitative methods approach with a regional specialization in contemporary Europe and the United States.  In her most recent work, Sadeghi considers how the rise of anti-immigrant movements across Europe, the 2015 Refugee Crisis, the 2016 Iran Deal, the most recent US Presidential Election, and the 2017 “Muslim Ban” are reflected in the perceptions and experiences of belonging and membership of Iranians in the US and Germany.


Sahar Sadeghi is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Muhlenberg College, and teaches a variety of courses including the Sociology of Inequality and Power, American Ethnic Diversity, Transnational Migrant Communities, Global Perspectives on Race and Racism, Sociological Theory, and Qualitative Research Methods.  Dr. Sadeghi is also a faculty mentor for a number of students working on their undergraduate research projects. During the 2016-2017 academic year, Sadeghi taught the 2017 Senior Sociology Seminar (CUE) course mentoring the department’s seniors in their independent research projects. The final projects for the 2017 CUE can be seen here:






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