Sahar Sadeghi is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Muhlenberg College, and teaches a variety of courses including the Sociology of Inequality and Power, American Ethnic Diversity, Transnational Migrant Communities, Global Perspectives on Race and Racism, Sociological Theory, and Qualitative Research Methods.  She also teaches the Senior Sociology Seminar (CUE) course, and mentors students working on their undergraduate independent research projects.

Her research is organized around several interrelated projects and themes – migration and geopolitics, and racialized and politicized belonging – which are examined through a cross-national, qualitative methods approach with a regional specialization in contemporary Europe and the United States.  Her forthcoming book “Conditional Belonging: the Racialization of Iranians in the Wake of Anti-Muslim Politics” draws upon eighty-eight interviews with first- and second-generation Iranians living in California and Hamburg, Sahar Sadeghi illuminates how international events, global political policy, and national social climates influence the extent to which Iranians define themselves as members of their adopted nations. All these factors lead to radically different experiences of belonging, or more specifically “conditional belonging,” for Iranians living in Western nations—while those in America might have situational access to whiteness, this is not always available to Iranians in Germany. The combination of these experiences results in perceptions, narrations, and experiences of what the author calls “being but not belonging.”