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Dr. Sadeghi is expanding her research and turning it into a book length study for publication.  In this project, she explores the place of Iranians in the United States and Germany – in the context of critical international events. Sadeghi details how geopolitical arrangements, asylum, refugee and immigration policy, and racial citizenship shape Iranians’ quality of life and narrations of belonging and identity. Specifically, how has the Iranian Revolution of 1979, 1980 Hostage Crisis, the 2010 International Sanctions, 2015 Refugee Crisis in Germany, 2016 Iran Deal, the Presidency of Donald Trump, and the 2017 Executive Ban on Immigration and Travel aka “Muslim Ban” produced a climate that persistently racializes and politicizes Iranian communities in the US and Germany?

Dr. Sadeghi has presented portions of this project at the 2018 American Sociological Association conference in Philadelphia, PA, and the 2018 Iranian Studies Conference in Los Angeles, CA.

She will also be presenting her research at the upcoming 2019 International Conference on Iranian Diaspora Studies at San Francisco State University.

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